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Lena - Free Ship Plans

The wind power meets the power of steam in late 1800’s . In this period of maritime history, a hybrid generation of ships appeared combining these two. They kept the glory of sail ships and added independency from wind. Lena is a little steam schooner like that.
lena steam schooner model ship plans
She was launched in 1875 in Sweden by Motala. She was 26.8m long, 4.95m wide and 2.59m deep. While sailing by wind, the funnel tilts back so that the sail boom can move freely.
She has an interesting story beginning with Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld’s polar expedition. She joined the expedition as an auxilary ship up to a point. She took part in Russian revolutions which i could not translate well enough to write here. She was reconstructed several times. Once in 1938. She was extended two meters in lengtg, a new boiler was installed and living quarters were rebuilt.
In 1959, she was planned to be reserved as a historical vessel. But the attemts failed in 1967, the damage she suffered was beyond repair. But the model ship builders will help her to live forever.
The model plan set is distributed on two sheets. Very detailed and prepared for model ship building hobby.

Click here to download steam schooner Lena’s plans

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