Redneck Duck – Plans

Panel 1: Sides
Panel 2: Inside Frames
Panel 3: Decks
Panel 4: Underdeck Framework
Panel 5: Inside Frame Reinforcement
Panel 6: Stern Transom
Panel 7: Bow Transom
Panel 8: Wishbone Tiller and Rudder Case
Panel 9: Mast Step
Panel 10: Mast and Sprit Boom
Panel 11: Rigging

Warning about Wood Measurements

 The dimensions used in referring to wood boards and plywood panels by the lumber industry do not really reflect the true measured sizes of those boards and panels. A ¼” thick BC plywood sheathing panel, for example, is usually 11/32” thick instead of ¼”. A 1” x 2” x 8’ board in pine is usually only ¾” thick and 1 ½” wide. The thickness of the same board in cedar is usually only 11/16”. Lengths are usually more consistent but can be different than stated. In addition, the practice of big box stores of stapling a bar code to the ends of their boards can affect measurements of length if you don’t notice the staple. The measurements in these plans are generally plus or minus 1/16”, but even cutting a board to the inside of a line instead of the outside can affect a measurement by 1/16” if that is the saw’s kerf. A couple of sloppy measurements and cuts at the beginning of the assembly process can have unforeseen consequences later, and nearly anyone who has built a boat has experienced the problems resulting from a faulty measurement at some time in their boat construction careers. It’s a good practice to follow the old adage and “measure twice, and cut once” when working in wood.

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